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Cover Reveal for #TortureToHerSoul by @JMDarhower #JmDarhower

Cover Reveal for #TortureToHerSoul by @JMDarhower #JmDarhower

TORTUREfrontWe over here at Mainstream Passionista are huge fans of J.M. Darhower. Author of Sempre, and Monster In His Eyes. In April, we reviewed “Monster in His Eyes” and today we are revealing the cover for the sequel “Torture to Her Soul”! We are SO excited for this sequel and along with the cover, we get to share with you a blurb and teaser! This new book releases September 29, 2014!

Torture to Her…

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WATCH: The final #Mockingjay Pt 1 trailer is here! #themockingjaylives

Can you believe it? The time has FINALLY arrived! The final theatrical trailer for The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 arrived this morning and it’s pretty epic!

#TheoJames to take over as lead for new #Underworld movie!

#TheoJames to take over as lead for new #Underworld movie!

Our main man from Divergent, Theo James previously starred as David in ‘Underworld Awakening’ with Kate Beckinsale. Sources say this new film will not be starring Kate, but Theo will take the lead along two new female characters that they are currently casting for. I’ve never watched any of the Underworld movies, but I feel as though seeing Theo James as a Vampire is probably really hot and I…

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VIDEO: Everything wrong with #Divergent, The latest from #CinemaSins

Even though we are huge Divergent fan’s here at MSP, We still can appreciate a good laugh!

#50ShadesofGrey Trailer Reaction Video Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The internet is truly a wonderful place full of interesting ideas, world news, cat videos and this little gem I stumbled upon this afternoon.  

Apple goes BIG this year with the announcement of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

#Apple goes BIG this year with the announcement of the #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus during #AppleLive


Apple live is happening right now as I type and it has been announced that the latest and greatest in iPhone technology will in fact be bigger and better than any iPhone you’ve ever held. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Yeah yeah it’s been two years, a new iPhone was bound to pop up, what else is new. Well, a lot is new! And the event is still going. I’m gathering info and it’s all coming in…

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WATCH: New Trailer for #TheBestofMe featuring song by #LadyAntebelum

The latest movie based off of one of Nicholas Sparks romance novels, The Best of Me…

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